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Hitch Clamp Heavy Duty 2" - Hitch Coupling Tightener

$ 28.50

The Heavy Duty 2 inch clamp is built tough and ready for your heavy loads.  Perfect for larger bike racks, cargo carriers, dirt bike racks, equipment haulers or if you just want the best!  
Built from high strength steel and built for years of service and ready for your next adventure.
Fits all makes and models of Trucks and SUVS with a 2 inch receiver.
Proudly built in the USA
Clamp Plate: ½ inch high strength steel, welded construction, black zinc coated
Receiver Slide: ¼ inch high strength steel, black zinc coated
Bolt and Nut: ⅝-18 Thread with lock nut, zinc coated
UPC Number: 022099855590

Check out the install video:



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Customer Reviews

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R Neill
Someone that actually owns the clamp

To start off I want to say I have been in the trailer industry for a very long time and I am a dealer for several of the top trailer manufacturers out. I am also in no way affiliated with Hitch Clamp. I just own there product. The reason I am even writing this review is because of the review I just read that was posted by an imbecile giving this product two stars. Also it looks as if they did not even purchase the product but they have all kinds of advice from watching a video. I actually own this product and have owned several other anti rattle products from other companies over the years. This one is by far the best looking and is as good or better than any anti rattle I have ever owned. It stays in place and has never slipped out of position. It clamps down super tight holding the ball mount in position against the receiver tube wall and does exactly what it was designed to do. I will always have Hitch Clamp on any truck I own for the rest of my life.

How about a side view?

I just watched your video on the 2" Heavy duty Hitch Coupling Tightener. It would be nice to see a side view of where the bolt is suppose to line up in the back. I'm guessing it should be behind the lip on the receiver or it could slip? Also instead of having a bolt with a small contact point which can dig into your receiver, why not make it 2" wide plate like the U bolt cross clamp to create a larger point of contact, preventing the bolt from damaging the receiver?

Built Tough in Texas

Thank you for supporting a quality product built in Texas.

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